3 - Install Hivemapper app
The Hivemapper mobile app improves the location accuracy of the map
The Hivemapper Contributor app for Android and iOS is used to collect location telemetry and improve the map and the location accuracy of the video generated by the dashcam.

πŸ“± Install the Hivemapper app

Install the free app Hivemapper Contributor app from one of the app stores:

Enable the App

    Create your Hivemapper account (free)
    Hivemapper will create an anonymous username for you - do not share this username
    Turn on Location Services
Turn on Location Services

Verify the app is contributing

To verify location services are turned on, you should see a screen like this with the Hivemapper logo button displayed in blue.

Keep track of where you are mapping

The Recent Activity feature will help you keep track of where you are mapping.
When driving with your dashcam keep your smartphone with you. That's it.


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