3 - Fly

1⃣ Connect your drone to your mobile device

When you arrive at your location

  • Power your drone On

  • Connect your drone contro to your iPhone or Android device

2⃣ Open the Litchi app

(Need to install the Litchi app? See here)

  1. Open the Litchi app on your smartphone

  2. Ensure your drone has a GPS signal

  3. Tap Waypoint

3⃣ Open the Mission Folder

Tap the Folder icon

4⃣ Load your flight path

Select your flightpath mission and tap Load

5⃣ Launch your drone

Tap Play button and your drone is ready to fly and map autonomously. Sit back and enjoy.

6⃣ Return home when flightpath is complete

When your drone completes the flightpath mission or reaches its low battery return home level the drone will automatically safely return home by itself.

If the wind increases significantly during the flight the drone will drain more battery and will return to home prior to completing the flight-path mission.