Contributor App
iOS and Android Hivemapper Contributor Mobile App
The Contributor App currently serves two functions on the Hivemapper Network
    Provides smartphone owners an opportunity to contribute to the map
    Provides enhanced location telemetry while contributing with your dashcam​

Install the app

Enable the App

    ​Create a Hivemapper account (free)
    An anonymous username will be generated for you - do not share this username
    Enable Location Services

Verify the app is contributing

    If you see a screen like the one below, then you are actively contributing to the map.
    Start walking, biking, and driving with your smartphone to earn rewards.

Coverage Map

    The Coverage Map showing All Contributions is accessible in the Contributor App
    Hide All Contributions by using the Filters

Your Contributions

    Displays your contributions in green tracks as well as the total number of tiles mapped, in the screenshot below that is 170,385 mapped tiles
    Your Contributions includes uploaded content - where that content has been rewarded map tiles
Show or hide Your Contributions by using the Filters

Recent Activity

Keep track of where you are mapping with Recent Activity turned on.
    Recent Activity shows you your current activity in blue tracks helping you efficiently map new areas
    It displays total distance covered, e.g. 3.7 km in the screenshot below
Recent Activity does not directly translate into map coverage. That will depend on the specific area you are mapping and how much pre-existing coverage already exists there.
The tracks show your direction which is helpful on wide streets where you may need to cover both directions to earn the most number of tiles in that area.

Future enhancements

The Hivemapper app will expand to support:
    Dashboard - so you can see how much your contribution activity
    Upload video from dashcam - so the app can automatically upload video to Hivemapper (say goodbye to SD cards!). Learn more about the Open Dashcam​
Last modified 2mo ago