Upload collected content and review rewards
The dashboard is where a contributor uploads content collected from their dashcam for processing by the map engine - Titan. Once the content is transformed and added to the global map, contributors will be able to review rewards for each contribution they made.


All contributed content is uploaded via the Hivemapper App
How content is uploaded
Location telemetry
Video + location telemetry
Hivemapper App

Dashboard features

1. Collect type

  • Uploaded dascham video
  • App location telemetry (daily summary only)

2. Tiles Mapped

  • If uploaded content successfully provided map coverage the Tile Attribution determines how many tiles were mapped.
  • In the screenshot above, this short dashcam video mapped 60 ground tiles and, based on that, you can calculate rewards.
3. Collection Details
  • Includes video length, image resolution, distance or area mapped, and many other useful details about the collection.

Dashboard visibility

All dashboards are anonymous and public. You can view a dashboard for all contributions, you can view your own, or view the dashboard of another contributor.
How to access
Your Contributions


To protect the anonymity and privacy of contributors, certain information is hidden from the Dashboard.
  • Location - you will not see any location information in the Dashboard
  • Original content - you will not see the original video or GPS traces
  • Original content filenames - this can accidentally leak private information
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