Open Source
The Hivemapper Network is built on mostly open source code. As we progressively decentralize the Hivemapper Network when we build new features, tools, and technologies we will design and open source them. This will happen in phases over the coming months. We actively encourage the community to develop and and contribute to all parts of the Hivemapper mapping network.
Broadly speaking there are three major parts of the Hivemapper Network:


Titan is the mapping engine that transforms collected data into a global map
  • Dashcam video to street level georectified imagery
  • Map tile generation

Software for contributing to the map

All the software that contributors use to collect data for the map.
  • HONEY - how rewards are distributed for contributed content
  • Open Dashcam - the open source dashcam that is optimized for mapping
  • Hivemapper Contributor App - the app contributors use to collect location telemetry

Software for serving the map

All the software that the Hivemapper Network uses to store and serve maps and map imagery to users of the global map.
  • Map Explorer
  • Map Image API

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