Studio helps contributes plan and optimize their collections when mapping with a drone. When mapping with a smartphone or dashcam you will not use Studio.


When mapping with a drone, you will use Studio to:

  1. Select the tile you want to map

  2. Generate automated flight paths for the tiles you are mapping

  3. Save your automated flight path to Litchi so you can execute the flight path (mission) on your drone

The Plan Flight section of the Contributing with drone guide provides a completer tutorial on the above.


Select launch point

  • The launch point is the location where your drone takes off from.

  • Choose a low point in the terrain. This is critically important when flying in a hilly terrain area.


  • With layers you can switch the underlying map:

    • 2D map - default

    • Satellite

    • Satellite with labels

Select drone

  • Select the drone you will use for the mission.

  • Each drone has different cameras, and this will adjust the flight path for your drone