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Frequently asked questions about using the Map APIs

Where can I find sample data?

You can access sample data produced by the network here.

What are the dashcam specs?

There are two approved dashcams on the mapping network. The camera specs for the Blackvue dashcam on the Hivemapper network are as follows:
Blackvue Camera Specs
    Horizontal Field of View: 136 degrees
    Vertical Field of View: 77 degrees
    Diagonal Field of View: 162 degrees
    Video Resolution: 3840 × 2160
    Focal Length: 1814 GPS: Collected at 1HZ
This only represents the raw data that is contributed to Hivemapper. Video data from the dashcam is combined with data from the Hivemapper Contributor App and then processed by the mapping engine to produce the final data product that is delivered via the Map APIs.
Last modified 3mo ago