Manage a Fleet

The Hivemapper Network has expanded significantly due to its incorporation of fleets. To simplify the integration of fleets of any size while minimizing changes to their daily operations, Hivemapper collaborated with StreamingFast to develop the Fleet Management tool.

This guide provides instructions to create a Hivemapper fleet, add members, adjust token splits, and manage access to locked dashcams for fleet members.

Anyone can create a Hivemapper Fleet with the Fleet Management app. Fleets come in all sizes, from Micro to Enterprise, and play an important role in making Hivemapper’s decentralized mapping network more comprehensive and valuable.

A fleet is created when you add a driver to it. Once a driver has been imported to your fleet, Hivemapper then tags your Solana address as a fleet manager. This Solana address is the designated owner of the fleet, and will always have complete control over this fleet.

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