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Answers to some of the most common questions about driving with a Hivemapper dashcam.

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Uploading and Rewards

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


How can I check my dashcam setup?

When the Hivemapper Companion app is connected to the dashcam, you can see exactly what the dashcam sees in the preview tab (far left tab with the dashcam icon).

How do I record footage to a USB drive?

If you’re using the HDC (Hivemapper Dashcam) version, there are three prerequisites for recording footage onto a USB drive:

  1. USB flash drive with USB-C adapter.

  2. Folder on flash drive called recording (case sensitive).

If you’re using the HDC-S (Hivemapper Dashcam S) version, all you have to do is plug in the USB memory stick into the 12v power adapter that both came with the dashcam. No formatting is needed with the memory stick that came with the HDC-S.

Connecting a USB drive does not interfere with the transfer of images to the Hivemapper Companion app.

When the USB drive fills up what happens?

Whether you are using a USB drive with the HDC or HDC-S model, when the USB drive fills up to its maximum capacity, it will delete the earliest content and then continue to save the new content.

Can I use the dashcam in multiple vehicles?

Yes, it is possible to move the dashcam between vehicles.

Why do forward facing mounts perform better?

Forward facing mounts have significant advantages over the side facing mounts.

  • Mount quality - it is far easier to correctly mount a forward facing dashcam than a side mount. Side mounting is certainly possible, but there are far more obstructions to contend with on most vehicles. Interior side mounts have the lowest mount rating scores, and will therefore not earn.

  • GNSS (aka GPS) quality - the GNSS quality of the interior side mounted dashcam is especially challenged on many vehicles. If the device cannot see the sky it will be incredibly hard for it to maintain a high quality GNSS connection.

It's far better to use a second dashcam on another vehicle than add a side mount to one that already has a forward-facing dashcam.

Can I pair the dashcam with multiple phones?

The dashcam can be paired to different phones at different times.

Can I map using two dashcams in the same vehicle, one front-facing and one side-facing?

Yes, provided that they both have a power source. While only one dashcam can be connected to your phone at a time, it can map while disconnected from your phone for approximately 8-10 hours. Connecting your phone to the dashcam that was disconnected during your drive will transfer the images and upload them to the network.

Is the dashcam tied to a single wallet?

No, you are not locked into using a single wallet address with the dashcam or the Hivemapper app. If you are already signed into the Hivemapper app and want to change the destination for your HONEY rewards, tap on the settings tab and then sign out of the app. From there, you can connect a different wallet. Please note: Using a different wallet will generate a different anonymous user name. You can’t simultaneously connect multiple wallets to the app.

Im having a hard time getting a GNSS lock. What is the best way to troubleshoot this?

  1. Make sure you are in an area with a clear view of the sky. Tall buildings, overpasses and parking garages can all interfere with the GNSS lock.

  2. If the HDC is close to a device with a USB3 or PCI Express component, it could interfere with HDC’s GNSS performance. Try to remove all devices with these components from your vehicle while mapping.

  3. Mounting it externally helps tremendously with sustaining and improving GNSS lock.

  4. If you have your dashcam mounted forward-facing, make sure to mount it as high as you can on your windshield.

  5. Try a different mounting position and areas to see if it improves the GNSS lock.

If you continue to have problems with the GNSS performance, please contact us at

How do I upgrade the firmware on the dashcam?

  1. Connect the Hivemapper Companion app to the dashcam.

  2. Make sure you have the latest app.

  3. Connect to Home or any fast Wi-Fi network.

  4. Open the app and let it stay active for 2-3 minutes to allow the firmware to fully download.

  5. Connect to dashcam.

  6. Firmware update procedure should start after connecting. To verify it has started, go to the Settings tab on the app (most far right tab) and you should see a message about it next to the firmware line.

  7. Once it says "Update on reboot":

    1. Unplug the dashcam and quit the app

    2. Power the dashcam back on

    3. Once you see the lights turn on, reopen the app and connect with the dashcam

  8. Verify that the firmware has been upgraded by going to the Settings tab of the app and checking on the firmware version displayed.

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Can I drive anywhere, or only in specific regions or on specific roads?

You can map anywhere in the world and earn HONEY rewards. Some regions have a higher weighting to encourage mapping in areas with higher economic value to map consumers, and therefore to the Hivemapper Network.

The Explorer is not complete yet and not all region boundaries have been drawn. Major metropolitan areas were drawn first, but eventually all areas will become part of a defined region. Rest assured, you can still map worldwide even if your region boundaries have not been drawn yet.

How can I get my area to have a defined region boundary?

Regions are defined geographical areas established by the Hivemapper Network. Regional boundaries are the responsibility of the Hivemapper Foundation and subject to change.

By policy, a new region is eligible to be created after four consecutive weekly reward cycles with map coverage in an area of the world that is not included in a region. If you think your region is eligible for a region and one hasn’t been created yet, you can fill out this form to call it to the attention of the team.

Is it too late to get involved? There’s already coverage in my area.

No, it’s not too late. On the contrary, it’s still early! The Hivemapper Network aims to create a map that is dependably well covered and active. It’s not about covering a map tile just once; contributors are incentivized to re-map areas to keep them fresh. Additionally, regions are rewarded for being resilient. Resiliency is a team effort requiring steady contributions from many people in an area.

When can I drive?

The only restrictions on when you can drive are related to factors impacting the quality of images produced for the network. Generally, successful mapping depends on visibility. One cannot earn HONEY rewards when traffic signs, business names, etc., are not clearly visible by the dashcam.

  • Mapping may not be possible during times of snow, rain, or other heavy weather.

  • Mapping cannot be done during low light or night hours.

Your exact mapping hours depend on your location and the time of year. Take a look at to view your “daylight hours” (click “More detailed” to expand the hours section), then add one hour to the start time and subtract one hour from the end time to understand your approximate Hivemapping hours. We buffer the daylight hours to account for “golden hours” when the sun is low in the sky and lighting is soft.

Do I need a special license or certification to drive and contribute?

You need a valid driver’s license in accordance with the laws of your local government in order to operate a vehicle. If you are driving in the European Union, you need to display a legal placard while you are recording with the dashcam.

Can I map with a bike or motorcycle?

No, the dashcam must be mounted on a vehicle with at least four wheels to collect usable imagery.

Can I map dirt roads?

Yes, any road a vehicle can access can be mapped and rewarded with HONEY tokens.

Does the app need to be open while driving?

No. The app does not even need to be in the car while driving and mapping.

After driving over an unmapped area, how long until it turns pink on Explorer?

There is an uncertain lag time between when imagery is submitted and when pink hexes appear that can sometimes take a few days. You also may not see the hexes turn pink for a variety of other factors, such as poor quality or imprecise GNSS positioning.

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AI Trainers

Why does Hivemapper need AI Trainers?

Map AI extracts objects such as speed limit signs, road construction, turn restriction signs, etc. from the collected imagery that is then packaged and sold to customers. Human AI Trainers use AI Trainer games to help the AI do a better job of identifying objects and placing them in the physical world. With each review that an AI Trainer performs the machine learning systems improve slightly, you can think of AI Trainers as teachers for computer software. If you are interested in become an AI Trainer, learn more here.

Why do AI Trainers for Hivemapper do?

They play games of different kinds that teach the Map AI systems. There are broadly speaking three categories of AI Trainer games:

  • Classify objects: For example, confirm that this is a 35 mph speed limit sign.

  • Position objects: For example, confirm that this speed limit sign has been correctly positioned in the physical world.

  • Validate imagery: For example, confirm that this dashcam is mounted properly and collecting quality imagery.

Do I need a dashcam and car to become a Map AI Trainer?

Nope. Get started here from any computer or mobile smartphone.

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Do I need to apply to join the Hivemapper Network?

No, the Hivemapper Network is permissionless. Anybody can contribute and you do not need to apply to do so. As long as you follow the Hivemapper Network’s guidelines for mapping and quality assurance, you will earn HONEY rewards for your contributions.

Should I buy a car to map for Hivemapper?

No. Hivemapper is not a gig.

If you already own a car, then bring Hivemapper along while you drive. Under no circumstances do we recommend buying a car for Hivemapper.

Should I quit my job and map for Hivemapper?

No. Hivemapper is not a gig.

If you’re already driving, then bring Hivemapper along for the ride. Under no circumstances do we recommend quitting your job for Hivemapper.

Is Hivemapper a good part-time gig?

No. Hivemapper is not even a part-time gig.

If you’re already driving for errands or for work, then bring Hivemapper along for the ride.

Are my contributions anonymous?

Yes, the Hivemapper Network takes privacy seriously.

Who owns the content?

There are two types of content:

  1. Original content – This is the imagery, video, and associated metadata (including GPS traces) you collected and uploaded.

  2. Derived content – The Hivemapper Network’s mapping engine uses the original content to produce the map content, visualizations, and network stats.

As a contributor, you own the original content and can use it as you wish. Hivemapper Inc. has an irrevocable and exclusive global license to the derived map content. Additional details are provided in the terms of service.

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Uploading and Rewards

What if an upload fails (stuck in middle column)?

If an upload fails, please double-check that:

  • You are using the latest version of the Hivemapper app and dashcam firmware. The current version of the app will be available on the App Store or Play Store. The firmware should automatically update the next time you connect your dashcam.

  • You are connected to your wallet.

  • You have properly mounted the dashcam and are collecting usable imagery.

If you are still facing issues, reach out to the Hivemapper Discord community for immediate help or email Hivemapper Inc. with more details about your failed upload.

What can I do if images are getting stuck on the app (i.e. far left column is showing numbers and are not moving to the right column)?

This typically means that there are old/bad imagery stuck on the phone. Reinstall the app can resolve this issue.

Do I need to use my cellular data to upload?

While you can choose to upload via cellular data, the default in the Hivemapper app is to upload via Wi-Fi. Read more about uploading your contributions.

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