Map With a Dashcam

Great map data, passive rewards and peace of mind as you drive.

Rather than depend on a few major companies to chart the world, Hivemapper allows anyone equipped with a specialized dashcam to contribute to a dynamic global map.

Contributors collect and uploading valuable street-level imagery as they go about their normal daily driving. Map AI processes this imagery into a global map, identifying features like speed limit signs, traffic lights, stop signs, and more. Map customers use the resulting map data, and Hivemapper rewards contributors for their efforts through HONEY tokens.

Dashcams for Purchase

Over time, contributors may be able to buy devices from multiple manufacturers that meet the Open Dashcam (ODC) specification of the Hivemapper Network. Currently, there is one certified manufacturer with devices for sale, which is Hivemapper Inc.

Hivemapper Inc. has partnerships with resellers around the world to deliver a convenient buying experience. To ensure you are buying from a legitimate reseller, check this list of authorized resellers.

Dashcams From Hivemapper Inc.

  • The Hivemapper Dashcam (“HDC”) was the first-generation model. Shipping will continue through mid-2024, but new orders are no longer being taken. Here is an installation guide.

  • The Hivemapper Dashcam S (“HDC-S”) was the second-generation model. It provided additional functionality such as 4K video for personal use that some users preferred. This model is out of production and new orders are no longer being taken. Here is an installation guide.

  • The Hivemapper Bee ("Bee") is the third-generation model. It is available for pre-order purchase directly from Hivemapper here, with shipments expected to begin in Q3 2024. The Hivemapper Bee offers more computing power than the original Hivemapper Dashcam, with improved GNSS and the ability to upload imagery directly to the network via WiFI or cellular connectivity. It will also include additional functionality making it well suited for commercial fleets.

All certified dashcams are able to submit street-level imagery to the Hivemapper Network and receive equal rewards for those contributions. However, the Hivemapper Bee is expected to start earning higher rewards than the HDC and HDC-S starting in Q2 2025 because of its ability to automatically generate Map Features as well as street-level imagery.

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