Individual Reward Factors

More HONEY will be rewarded for higher-quality contributions.
HONEY is designed to incentivize the creation of a global map by focusing contributors on coverage, freshness, and quality. These factors make the map more useful for customers, which in return generates more rewards for contributors through the burn and mint system.


Contributors are rewarded for helping to achieve complete coverage. A complete map is valuable to the Hivemapper Network because it helps address the greatest number of potential use cases for customers.
The Hivemapper Network incentivizes increased coverage by encouraging drivers to vary their routes and mount positions to cover unsaturated areas of the map. Additionally, map data consumers can create bounty rewards for completion of certain areas. All contributors helping to map those areas will receive extra rewards.


Contributors are rewarded for helping the map stay fresh. A fresh map is valuable to the Hivemapper Network because customers want maps that reflect the current reality of the world.
The network incentivizes regularly refreshing map tiles with dynamic rewards related to saturation. There is less utility in mapping saturated areas than there is in mapping unsaturated areas; therefore, contributions to less saturated areas are more heavily rewarded.


Mapping data from contributors must be high quality in order to be useful to customers.
Broadly speaking, usable imagery is collected with a proper mount position, has a clear view, is free of glare and obstructions, and has correct lighting. The Hivemapper Network has multiple mechanisms to assess the quality of data.

Quality Assurance

Both human and machine mechanisms are in place to ensure that quality imagery is contributed to the Hivemapper Network. Contributors earn rewards when they help with quality assurance.

Reputation Score

Each contributor has a reputation score that starts out neutral and rises or falls based on the quality of their contributions. Reputation scores are fragile; it’s hard to build a good one and easy to negatively impact it with poor-quality contributions to the network.
A high reputation score leads to benefits and a low reputation score has consequences. In cases of clear fraud attempts, there will be severe and immediate consequences to a contributor’s reputation and quality score, ultimately impacting the amount of HONEY that the contributor can earn.