Confirm Position & Azimuth

Learn how to play the Confirm Position & Azimuth game.


The goal of the game is to confirm BOTH the Position and Azimuth of a given object is correct.

  • You will be shown a set of images and a map

  • The map will have a ring with an arrow

  • If the object is inside the ring AND is facing the direction of the arrow, press the Yes button

  • If the object is NOT in the ring OR is NOT facing the direction of the arrow, press the No button

Game controls


  • The game will tell you potential issues that Map AI found with the object’s position and azimuth

  • You can use these issues to help narrow down what to look for

  • Potential issues include:

    • Being far from an intersection

    • Being far from a road

    • Being far from a highway

    • Having a large position change

    • Not facing the direction the camera is facing

    • Facing perpendicular to the road instead of parallel

It’s possible that:

  1. The Position or Azimuth could be wrong due to an issue OTHER than the ones shown

  2. The Position or Azimuth could be CORRECT even if an issue is shown

  3. An issue may be shown unnecessarily (e.g. “Facing perpendicular to road” when the object is ACTUALLY parallel to the road)

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