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Hivemapper is a new way of building maps of the world.

Hello, and welcome to Hivemapper! Our project is called Hivemapper because it’s like a beehive. A beehive makes honey by having thousands of bees fly around and collect nectar from flowers. By working together, all the bees in the community get to enjoy some delicious honey.

Hivemapper makes maps of the world by having thousands of people work together.

People do all kinds of things to help build the map. Some people use special cameras to take pictures of the world while they drive. Some people look at those pictures and teach computers what humans know about the world. This is called being an AI Trainer. Some people use the Hivemapper App on their phones to report changes they see in the world, like roads that are closed. A computer system called Map AI does lots of automatic work to build the map, using the skills it learned from people.

By working together, all of the people in the community get to share the fruit of their work: a fresh and detailed map of the world. Anyone can see the map on a website called Hivemapper Explorer. There are special tools called APIs that help people use Hivemapper's map to build cool maps and apps.

When people do things to help make the map better, they get a token called HONEY. A token is something that you can trade for other things that you want. HONEY tokens are good to have because you can trade them for Hivemapper’s useful map data.

Hivemapper's tokens are digital. They were made on a "blockchain." To understand how a blockchain works, imagine a book on the internet that anyone can read. But people can do more than read the book. They can also write a page in the book. And whenever anyone writes a page, everyone else can read it. A blockchain works the same way for token trades. Hivemapper uses a blockchain called Solana that can handle trades quickly and cheaply, which is important for a busy beehive.

How to get involved in the Hivemapper community:

  1. Drive and map with a dashcam.

  2. Play AI Trainer games to help our Map AI improve.

  3. Map with your phone and report real-time issues like road work.

  4. Follow along on Hivemapper Explorer to watch the map grow.

  5. Use our APIs and tools to build cool maps and apps.

By working together as one global beehive, we are building the world's best map. It's a map by the people, for the people, fairly rewarding everyone who helped to build it.

Happy mapping!

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