Learn how to play the Position AI Trainer games


The goal of the Position game is to precisely place the object on the map. Hivemapper's Map AI will make a prediction about the placement and your task is to confirm or improve the position. You will be given a set of images to review and the object in question will be highlighted.

  • If you are happy with Map AI's prediction, press the Confirm Location button.

  • If you are not happy with Map AI's prediction, move the blue scope icon to the improved position and press the Submit Location button.

  • If you are not sure about the position, press the Not Sure button.

Game controls:



Use shadows to accurately place the scope icon. The most accurate position is where the sign pole meets the ground, so look for the shadow of the pole instead of the shadow of the sign itself.


Two different Satellite views are available to help make your decision. Especially in quickly changing areas, saetellite imagery can become outdated. It is best practice to check both satellite views before you submit your answer.

Hints in the images

There are many things within an image which might be easy to spot in a satellite view to help you accurately position an object.

  • Street names

  • Trees, bushes and other landscape features

  • Footprints and distinguishing features of buildings

  • Lane lines, lane indicators, driveways, sewer covers and other identifiable street markings

  • Fences, sidewalks, fire hydrants, utility boxes and other objects found off the road

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