Welcome to Hivemapper
The world’s decentralized mapping network building a global map


Hivemapper is an open and decentralized global map built by contributors from dashcams and drones. Forward looking businesses and organizations then use our map via APIs.
Contributors build map coverage by providing content from their drone or dashcam. The network rewards contributors by issuing rewards for contributions to the map. The economic benefits of the global map are shared with the people who build the map.
Hivemapper is designed from the ground up to be:
  • Permissionless: anybody can map anywhere, and you do not need permission to do so.
  • Rewards-based: contributors share in the economic benefits of the global map using Honey.
  • Decentralized: can exist without a central and organizing body to make all decisions; we will share more on this in the near future.
The Hivemapper project documentation offers all the necessary resources to learn about Hivemapper, the software, and the tools to contribute to the network, either as a user looking for map imagery or as a contributor providing content to grow and update the map. If you can't find what you need, please do not hesitate to reach out to us in our Discord community.
Thank you for being part of the Hivemapper Network.


Hivemapper breaks the world up into tiles, where each tile can be mapped for rewards - Honey - using a dashcam or a drone. Anybody with a dashcam or a drone who collects according to the network's criteria can map 1 tile or billions of tiles, and earn rewards for those tiles.
Ready to start mapping? Let's go build a new kind of global map together!

Use the map

The Map Image API is the first map API, and it is the way to use the global map. Forward looking businesses and organizations turn to the Map Image API for three reasons:


  • Over 80% of the map is 90 days or fresher.
  • When a map tile is older than 90 days you pay one-third the price.

Higher Resolution

  • Airborne maps are 5 to 7 cm / pixel GSD or 6x higher resolution than satellite
  • Street level maps are 4K or better

Every perspective

  • Unlike satellite or airborne maps that only give you the top-down perspective the Hivemapper Network gives you every perspective - from the air (top-down) and street level.

Docs for Map Image API

Use Cases for Map Image API

From logistics, insurance, local governments to social media; businesses and organizations use the Map Image API for a broad range of use cases. Learn about industry use cases here.

Pricing for Map Image API

Pricing is cost effective and incentivizes the network to keep the map fresh as users pay far less as the map decays in age. Currently, Hivemapper Inc. sets the prices. The intention is transition to true market based pricing where pricing is set by market participants.


Every question you ever had about contributing to the global map and using the Hivemapper Map Image API is answered in our FAQs.
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