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Earning HONEY


There are three primary dimensions by which map consumers value maps — coverage, freshness, and quality — and the amount of HONEY that contributors earn is calculated accordingly. Specific weightings and functions can be adjusted by the Hivemapper Foundation to balance the economics of the network. This system of incentives is critical to sustaining a healthy and valuable network over time for both consumers and contributors of map data.
Hivemapper’s philosophy is for all contributors to earn a fair reward. Fairness is a combination of utility and access. Anyone located anywhere can contribute and be rewarded their share of HONEY for making quality contributions that can be used by the Hivemapper Network.


Reward Period

Rewards are distributed for each discrete week of contributions, from Monday through Sunday. About three days after a given period ends, the total contributions for each region are tallied and every contributor is awarded a piece of the reward pot relative to the utility of their contributions.

Reward Amount

While there’s no exact formula for calculating how much HONEY a contributor will earn in a given period, there are some higher-level concepts and rules, such as Global Map Progress, that help explain how HONEY rewards are distributed.

Reward Regions

The pool of HONEY rewards is broken into individual reward pools for each region of the Hivemapper Network.