Learn how to play the Azimuth AI Trainer games


The goal of the Azimuth game is to precisely angle the object on the map. Hivemapper's Map AI will make a prediction about the azimuth and your task is to confirm or improve the angle. You will be given a set of images to review and the object in question will be highlighted.

  • If you are happy with Map AI's prediction, press the Confirm Azimuth button.

  • If you are not happy with Map AI's prediction, move the blue arrow to an improved angle and press the Submit Location button.

  • If you are not sure about the azimuth, press the Not Sure button.

Game controls

You can also use your keyboard to play the azimuth game. Use the letters A, D, W and S to move the arrow.


Which direction should the arrow face?

The azimuth should always point in the direction the sign is facing. Imagine you are riding in the car and approaching a stop sign: you are pointing at the stop sign and the azimuth of the stop sign is pointing at you. The azimuth should NOT point in the direction you are traveling.

Parallel to the road

Most often the azimuth of a sign is parallel to the road it is regulating.

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