Map Tile Saturation

Individual HONEY rewards are influenced by map tile saturation.


Each map tile is dynamically given a score based on how “saturated” with imagery it is at a given moment. A frequently covered map tile is highly saturated, whereas a tile that has never been covered is completely unsaturated.

This score impacts the amount of HONEY rewarded for covering a specific map tile at a specific point in time, and encourages contributors to provide more uniform coverage of a region on a regular basis.

Relationship Between Saturation and Rewards

There is less utility in mapping saturated areas than there is in mapping unsaturated areas; therefore, contributions to less saturated areas are more heavily rewarded.

  • High saturation = relatively less HONEY rewarded for covering the map tile again.

  • Low saturation = relatively more HONEY rewarded for covering the map tile again (or perhaps for the first time).

Rewards are calculated separately for front-mounted and side-mounted dashcams.

Reward Replenishing

The reward multiplier for a given tile is dynamic and ranges from 0 and 1. Map tiles start with a multiplier of 1 and drop to 0 at the time they are mapped.

As imagery for a specific map tile becomes less fresh, the multiplier replenishes from 0 back toward 1 to incentivize drivers to cover the map tile again. Each time the area is mapped, the multiplier resets back to 0. Contributors earn the multiplier that existed at the time that they covered the map tile.

By default, the replenishing cadence for each region is set to 7 days; however, the Hivemapper Foundation can modify the cadence.

Drive Unsaturated Routes

Rewards for the most mapped routes will decrease as areas become more saturated. Rewards for the least mapped areas will increase to promote additional mapping. This dynamic incentive encourages drivers to modify their route to collect useful imagery for map data consumers and earn more HONEY.

For example, consider the two streets in the graphic below. As the main street becomes more heavily mapped, the HONEY rewards decrease for this route and shift toward the less-traveled intersecting street.

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