Usable Imagery

HONEY is only earned for usable imagery.

In order for the mapping data provided by contributors to be useful, it must be high quality. High-quality imagery has the following characteristics:

  • Proper mount position – Centered and aligned with horizon.

  • Free of glare and obstructions – The car hood, dashboard, antennas, etc., should not be visible.

  • Correct lighting – During daylight hours with minimal shadowing.

  • Clear view of street – Focused camera with no heavy rain or snow.

  • Authentic location – Imagery is true to its asserted location and is consistent with imagery uploads in the same area.

Examples of unusable imagery include imagery collected after sunset or with significant glare from a windshield. Unusable data will be rejected by the Hivemapper Network and not earn HONEY rewards. Image quality is assessed via both machine and human feedback.

For examples of quality imagery, check out the section on clarity of view.

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