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Receive HONEY Rewards

HONEY rewards are deposited to your wallet weekly.

What is HONEY?

HONEY tokens are used to create economic incentives across the Hivemapper Network, while balancing the needs of two groups within our ecosystem:
  1. 1.
    Map Data Contributors who contribute to the Hivemapper Network. They receive HONEY as a reward for submitting imagery, completing AI Trainer tasks, and editing map data.
  2. 2.
    Enterprises and Developers who consume map data to support their products and services. HONEY is burned whenever they consume data from the Hivemapper Network.

When do I get my HONEY?

HONEY rewards are distributed to contributors on a weekly basis for contributions made to the Hivemapper Network over the course of the previous Monday through Sunday.
Imagery for a given week must be uploaded by 4:59pm Pacific Time on the Tuesday following the week’s completion in order to generate rewards. For example, if a contributor maps from Monday, Oct. 2, to Sunday, Oct. 8, they would have until 4:59pm PT on Tuesday, Oct. 10, to upload the week’s data.
Rewards are deposited approximately each Wednesday evening for the prior week.
In order to receive HONEY rewards, you must have a wallet connected to the Hivemapper mobile application. Currently, Hivemapper only supports the Phantom wallet.
Example HONEY transactions in the Hivemapper app.

What is the Phantom wallet?

Unlike a regular wallet that stores cash, crypto wallets like Phantom don’t store your tokens. Your holdings live on the blockchain but can only be accessed using a private key. Your possession of the private key proves your ownership of your HONEY tokens and allows you to make transactions.
Be careful with your private key. If you lose your private key, you lose access to your HONEY tokens. If a hacker or scammer gets your private key, they will be able to access your wallet and take your HONEY tokens.
To keep your wallet safe, you should never give anyone the private key to your wallet.