New features, enhancements, and bug fixes

Sep 21, 2021


  • Notifications about rewards, collection quality, and other important information are now displayed in a contributor's Dashboard and also sent to the Contributor App as a push notification.

  • Notifications are now tied to quality signals, so contributors will receive near real-time feedback if there camera is not mounted properly.

🗺Coverage Map

  • Continued performance improvements

  • Regions provides us an internal tool to quickly adjust where Honey rewards are available.

📱Contributor App

  • Current Activity: now displays Estimated Tiles Mapped in real-time. This means you'll see how much coverage you are generating for the map as you move!

  • Reset Current Activity: Gives you the option to start a new collection session and track your Estimated Tiles Mapped in real-time.

  • Filters Your Contribution: Need to see your contributions within a specific timeframe. Filter by timeframe so you can see how many tiles you mapped Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, or All Time.

  • Stop Contributing: If you ever need to simply stop contributing (no location sharing), then hit the red Stop button. It's that simple.

Aug 25, 2021


  • Contributor Stats display Tiles Mapped by

    • Contribution mode (app, dashcam, drone)

    • Month or day

  • Duplicate detection automatically detects and flags duplicate uploads

🗺Coverage Map

  • Improvements to the interaction for drawing on the map - now easier to delete the shape you drew

Map Image API

  • Create and manage your API Keys for Hivemapper Map Image API - see here

Account Settings

  • You can now view your account settings - username, email, etc.

  • Option to logout from the website

Aug 13, 2021


  • More granular speed visualization

  • Improved reliability and performance of processing dashcam data

  • Added Hivemapper icon in the menu bar

📱Contributor App

Improvements and bug fixes to all the following features in the Contributor App:

  • Contribution map is now shown in the app

  • Historical and Recent Activity

  • Filter the map based on your contributions

  • Realtime activity is visualized as you drive

  • Improved reliability to protect your data when there are network connectivity issues

🗺Coverage Map

  • Ability to draw and edit GeoJson polygons directly on the coverage map - see thread here.

July 30, 2021

This week we have focused on adding new features and squashing various bugs throughout the network.


  • Display tiles that can be mapped for rewards

🗺Coverage Map

  • Filters give you more control of where the coverage is at and what you contributed

    • Collection type

    • Your Contributions enable you to see your coverage in green tracks

📱 Contributor App

  • Big new app update with lots of fixes for improved location tracking and performance issues

  • Recent Activity shows you your current activity, this replaces RunKeeper and Strava app that many contributors were using

  • Your Contributions shows you mapped tiles you have been rewarded

  • All Contributions shows you all contributions whether they are from you or other contributors


  • Improved loading time and filters UX, there were some small details that were not quite right the first time around.

Map Image API

  • Improved API responsiveness

  • Added documentation details - see here

July 16, 2021

This week we have focused on adding new features and squashing various bugs throughout the network.


  • Fixed number of Studio flight path bugs based on community feedback

🗺Coverage Map

  • Click on the coverage map to reveal collection details including coordinates, direction that the vehicle was moving while collecting, dashcam mount position, recency data, and more


  • Fixed sorting bug on the columns

  • Improved error handling on Uploader for file types that are not supported

  • Even faster page load times while paginating


  • Improved Tile Attribution to support metro regions e.g. DC metro or NY metro

  • Various visual user interface improvements throughout

July 8, 2021

Since the #newmap launched, we have been aggressively adding new features, polishing other features, and fixing bugs. Here is what launched this week:

  • Improvements to new Studio

    • Integrated into the core application

    • Automated flight path that generates higher quality data

    • Selecting / deselecting multiple tiles

    • Highlighting neighbors

    • Message for selecting only adjacent tiles

    • Message for keeping the tiles contiguous (invalid deselection case)

    • Message for selecting 6 tiles max

  • Coverage map

    • Faster and more responsive

    • Better and easier search to move around the map

  • Mobile support

    • The web application is supported on most mobile browsers, so you can browse the dashboard, coverage map, etc.

  • Dashboard

    • Faster load times when navigating via pagination

    • Toggle between All Contributions and your contributions

  • Dashcam mapping

  • Uploader

    • Simpler UI navigation

    • Catches file formats that not supported by uploader

  • Tile Attribution

    • Improvements to tile attribution logic

July 2, 2021

Same mission, same vision. New day. Taking the wraps off so many new things to grow and expand the Hivemapper Network:

🚀 New & Improved

  • - check it out for yourself

  • Anonymous account - you are now anonymous when contributing to Hivemapper. Create a free and anonymous account here

  • Docs - new guides for contributing, new FAQs, new docs for the Map Image API, and more.

  • Dashboard - simplified and much faster

    • See All Contributions in the Dashboard

    • See the Dashboard for a contributor e.g.

    • See your own dashboard

  • Uploader - upload drone imagery or dashcam video

  • Network Explorer - visualize map coverage

  • Studio - same core features, but all faster, easier, and did we mention prettier.

  • Map Image API - a comprehensive API for using the imager generated by the network.

  • Mobile Contributor App - contribute to the map with your smartphone

    • Contributor App for iOS

    • Contributor App for Android

  • Open Dashcam technical specifications