Open Road Season 1: Trailblazers

Welcome to Hivemapper’s Open Road Season 1: Trailblazers!

What is Season 1: Trailblazers?

Trailblazers, running from Aug. 3, is the first season of the Open Road series. During this series, we celebrate freedom and adventure, whether that means taking a road trip or discovering new places close to home. These long summer days (for our contributors in the Northern hemisphere) are the perfect time to bring along a Hivemapper dashcam and blaze a trail of pink hexes in places that have never been mapped before. The objective for Trailblazers is to reach the milestone of 6 million unique km mapped — equivalent to 10% of the world’s roads. If the objective is achieved, a special bounty of about 6 million HONEY will be unlocked, rewarding contributors with 3 HONEY for each km of roads they were the first to map during the competition. This season also includes a weekly photo contest for members of the community to show how they’re exploring the open road with their Hivemapper dashcam.

Will there be more seasons of Open Road?

That’s the plan. We’re always thinking of ways to bring more fun, competition, and collaboration to the Hivemapper experience. The project team plans to learn from this first season and develop additional campaigns that help us unite to achieve our common goals.

How do I participate in Open Road Season 1: Trailblazers?

You will automatically join the Trailblazers campaign by mapping with a Hivemapper dashcam beginning on Aug. 3. You can follow the progress toward 6 million unique km here. Regular updates will be shared across social media, including Discord, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram.

What’s the size of the reward pool for Open Road Season 1: Trailblazers?

By achieving the goal of 6 million unique km, the Hivemapper community will unlock a special reward pool of 6 million HONEY.* This reward pool will be shared among the community, in proportion to how many unique km each contributor added to the network.

*(Note: The rewards pool will be equivalent to 3 HONEY per unique km added to the map during Open Road Season 1: Trailblazers. If the community hits exactly 6 million unique km, this would be about 6 million HONEY. If the community goes beyond 6 million unique km, the rewards pool will be larger.)

How do I see the number of unique km I contributed to the Hivemapper Network?

In the coming days, we will add a graph to the contributor profile page on Hivemapper Explorer that will allow you to track how many unique km you’ve added to the map during Open Road Season 1: Trailblazers. The counter will start at 0 and increase as you explore new roads. It will not include the unique km that you added prior to the competition, and it may take a few days to fully reflect new additions while they are processed.

How do I see my specific user progress on the Hivemapper Explorer?

To view a specific user’s progress on the Explorer, simply add your three-word username at the end of the following URL (make sure to include a dash between each word as shown on the URL): So, for example, if you wanted to view the username “Tall Gray Box,” you would use the following URL:

How many tokens could I receive from the reward pool?

If the Hivemapper network reaches 6M unique km, you will receive 3 HONEY for each unique km you added during Open Road Season 1: Trailblazers. There is no limit on this reward — apart from the number of unmapped roads in the world, of course.

When will rewards be issued?

Rewards from the 6M unique km objective will be paid following the end of the season as part of the normal weekly reward cycle. Rewards from the photo contest will be issued the subsequent Thursday every time a winner is selected.

How do I know which road has never been mapped before?

Hivemapper Explorer is a good place to start. It is not a real-time visualization, but we are working on Explorer improvements to ensure that the map updates more regularly. When looking at the map, you will see that unmapped roads don’t have any colored hexes.

Here’s an example of unmapped roads in Alamogordo, New Mexico, as of 8/2/2023:

The brightness of the hex indicates how recently it was mapped, as shown in the chart below. If there is any colored hex, however, the road has already been mapped. This means it will not contribute to the 6 million km goal.

If The Hivemapper Explorer doesn’t update in real-time, how do I know if the roads I mapped were genuinely unique?

Because the Explorer is not a real-time visualization, it is possible that someone else will drive a segment of road before you do, even if it appears to be unmapped. Explorer was designed to update once contributions are processed, which is generally within a few days, and we will keep working on improvements to increase Explorer’s refresh rate.

My region hasn’t been defined yet. Can I participate in Open Road campaigns?

Yes. Anyone with a Hivemapper dashcam is eligible to join these campaigns, whether or not their region has been defined. If you are mapping a part of the world that hasn’t yet been defined as a region, you can complete this request form. In some instances, Open Road campaigns may also include AI Trainer objectives that do not require a dashcam.

I have two dashcams in my car. Does that mean I get 2x unique km for unmapped roads?

No. Although front mounts and side mounts are rewarded separately through the normal rewards pool, a kilometer of road that has been mapped from both vantage points is still considered a single kilometer of road when tallying total unique kilometers. If you have two dashcams, each of them will generate a timestamp while mapping each hex of an unmapped road, and the attribution of the unique km mapped will go to the dashcam with the earliest upload timestamp. For this reason, contributors using distinct usernames for two dashcams may notice that their unique km are split between the two usernames.

For this competition, does a contributor get credit for being the first one to map a road, or the first one to upload map data for a road?

The time when you upload what you’ve collected is what matters. When you map a road and upload what you’ve captured, a timestamp is generated for each image. The contributor with the earliest upload timestamp for a section of road gets credit for being the first to map it. Please remember that the final deadline for submitting map data from each Monday-to-Sunday reward cycle is 11:59 pm UTC on the following Tuesday. Any data from the prior Monday-to-Sunday reward cycle will not be accepted after this deadline, and that includes getting credit for being the first to map a road. As always, we encourage you to upload data as soon as you can to help keep the map fresh.

How do I get the “Trailblazer” badge on Discord?

Anyone who accumulates 100 new unique km between Aug. 3 and the end of the season will be eligible for the “Trailblazer” badge. Please fill out this form with relevant information in order to receive the badge. This information will help us link your Hivemapper username to your Discord account.

How do I participate in the photo contest?

To enter, post a photo that meets the following criteria on Instagram, Facebook, or X (formerly Twitter):

  1. The photo should show an interesting place in the world that you were the first one to map. (What counts as interesting? That’s for you to decide.)

  2. The photo must include a Hivemapper dashcam. The dashcam should be mounted in an approved position with all blue lights illuminated. There are three blue lights illuminated when the Hivemapper Dashcam is mapping, and one blue light on the Hivemapper Dashcam S.

  3. The post must include the hashtag #openroad1.

Here’s an example of a photo submission, taken in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

What’s the prize of the photo contest?

Each week, starting on Aug. 9, 2023, one photo submission with the most community votes will be selected and shared on the Hivemapper social media accounts. The submitter will receive 1,000 HONEY tokens. Members of the community will vote for their favorite photo submission on our Discord server.

How can I apply for free Hivemapper API credits as a park agency or nonprofit?

As explorers of our world, we’re excited to share our map data free of charge with organizations that maintain parklands or support their continued health and preservation in other ways. To get free map data for these purposes, just send an email to with the following details and we’ll be delighted to assist you with your request:

  1. Subject: Hivemapper Map Data for (org/non-profit name)

  2. Your name

  3. Name of your organization

  4. Purpose of using the credits


The rewards distributed to each individual user will be based on how many unique km of coverage that user added to the map. These submissions must genuinely reflect unique road coverage and meet Hivemapper Network quality standards. To protect the quality of network data and the fairness of the reward distribution, Hivemapper reserves the right to withhold or modify the rewards issued from the special reward pool during the Open Road Season 1: Trailblazers event.

Fleets: Any tokens issued to fleet members through the special reward pool will follow the original split between fleet drivers and fleet owners.

Top-Ups: Rewards issued through the special reward pool will not be factored into calculations of Hivemapper Foundation top-up rewards. (Any contributor who receives a top up will still receive any Season 1 rewards as an additional reward.)

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