Sign Up to Share Unique Partnership Opportunities

1. Sign up and create your affiliate account here.

2. Use your Hivemapper username when you create your affiliate account. Your Hivemapper username appears in the Hivemapper app’s settings tab.

3. Change your GoAffPro username to your Hivemapper username if you didn’t already do so in step 2. Your username is required for us to direct the HONEY rewards to your Hivemapper account.

4. Share your referral link and your coupon code with others and both you and the customer will be eligible to get a 75 HONEY bonus.

Note: The 75 HONEY bonus will be ready to be processed 20 days after order has been delivered

5. Access marketing materials and assets to create your own content.

6. Track your sales number on your contributor page:

(replace “three-word-username” with your Hivemapper username)

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