Map With a Phone

Don't have a dashcam? Help build the map from the Hivemapper app.

Even without a dashcam, contributors can use the Buzz feature in the Hivemapper smartphone app (Android, iOS) to help build the map by reporting real-time information on road conditions.

How to Contribute via Buzz

Once you navigate to the map tab, find the Buzz button. Whether you're driving, riding in a car as a passenger or walking as a pedestrian, simply tap the button when you encounter roadwork. Please be sure to do so safely and in accordance with local laws.

When you tap the Buzz button, you’ll be asked to confirm the impact of the roadwork: Road Closed, Road Partly Closed, Road Open, or Impact Unknown. You'll get a notification confirming that you've successfully submitted a Buzz.

Enhanced Mapping Accuracy

Use Buzz to provide the most current and precise information on road construction zones and closures. By keeping the map updated with essential data, you help ensure that our map data customers have access to the latest information.

Although we are starting with roadwork, you can expect to see new Buzz categories over time, expanding the scope of your contributions and enriching the Hivemapper map.

Buzz Rewards

There has been an active bounty for Buzz contributions since April 2024, with rewards issued weekly to active Buzz contributors. The Hivemapper Foundation has indicated that it plans to experiment with multiple methodologies for calculating user rewards, and will not publish the rewards formulas. There are mechanisms in place to detect spam and prevent fraudulent submissions from receiving rewards.

Bounty rewards are boosted in 15 areas of the world with a high density of map coverage. They are:

  • Amsterdam

  • Chicago

  • Dubai

  • Los Angeles

  • Lisbon

  • London

  • Madrid

  • Manila

  • New York City

  • Paris

  • San Francisco

  • Singapore (Entire Country)

  • South Korea (Entire Country)

  • Taiwan (Entire Country)

  • Toronto

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