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DePIN / Proof of Physical Work

Hivemapper brings community-driven innovation to global mapping.
Previously, only a few major companies could afford to bootstrap global network infrastructure. Startups like Hivemapper are now showing a different path. Known as Proof of Physical Work (PoPW) and Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN), these projects motivate individuals to contribute hardware and build infrastructure quickly and affordably.
Helium, which offers wireless connectivity, and Filecoin, providing data storage, also exemplify this closely watched trend. Rooted in the principles of decentralization and democratization, DePIN is reshaping how we interact with network-based hardware systems.
Hivemapper is a decentralized mapping network that collects street-level imagery with purpose-built dashcams. Using the Solana blockchain, Hivemapper has built an incentivized, crowdsourced digital map by promptly and securely rewarding a worldwide community of individual contributors with HONEY tokens. Our approach challenges traditional mapping systems, underscoring the potential for decentralized networks to unlock value and introduce groundbreaking efficiencies to major industries.

Empowering Community & Customers

Rather than depend on a few major companies to chart the world, Hivemapper allows anyone equipped with a specialized dashcam to contribute to a dynamic global map.
• Contributors receive HONEY for collecting and uploading valuable street-level imagery as they drive.
• Map AI processes this imagery into a global map, identifying features like speed limit signs, traffic lights, stop signs, and more.
• Contributors receive HONEY for playing AI Trainer games, which help refine the Map AI.
Hivemapper fairly compensates contributors for their efforts, cultivating community and collective action. This reduces costs and challenges the resource-intensive nature of traditional mapmaking, which relies on dedicated vehicles and equipment. The network’s decentralization also enhances the map’s resilience against censorship and manipulation.
• Everyday drivers become mapmakers, drastically cutting data collection expenses.
• Up-to-date map data becomes the norm, even in previously neglected or underrepresented areas.
• No single entity can censor or exert undue influence.
Hivemapper’s tokenized reward system maintains a consistent flow of fresh data and regular map updates. For sectors like delivery and logistics, transportation, insurance, and autonomous vehicles, this means access to a rich source of relevant street-level imagery and data, supporting actionable insights and improved decision-making.
Maps are no longer static, updated sporadically by a select few — they are continuously refreshed by a global community of contributors.