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The source of truth for global map progress.
Explorer is a map application that allows you to track the progress of the Hivemapper Network.
The global map built and maintained by the Hivemapper Network is divided into trillions of small hex-shaped tiles that we refer to as hexes. Hexes are grouped into larger areas known as regions.
Hexes are the atomic unit of the map, based on the H3 hexagonal hierarchical geospatial indexing system. Small H3 cells are intentionally used as the basis for the Hivemapper Network’s map tiles to avoid issues with “partial” tile contributions.
Examples of map tiles, covered and uncovered, in different map styles.
Contributors use dashcams to capture street-level imagery, which is uploaded to the Hivemapper Network along with location verification metadata to create a high-quality, dynamic map.
When imagery is submitted for a given location, pink hexes will appear to represent the mapped area. The fresher the coverage, the brighter the shade of pink. Although there is lag time between when imagery is submitted and when pink hexes appear, this allows members of the community to visualize map coverage within any region of the world.
Explorer also provides insights into key metrics about the Hivemapper Network. These include the number of total and unique kilometers mapped, the number of contributors, and the number of HONEY transactions. You can tap into any metric for additional details.
You can tap “Regions” to explore each region's map progress relative to others. Clicking on a specific region will show its coverage, activity, and resilience metrics.