DashcamOS 2.0 Helper

We will update this page regularly as the new version of the app and firmware roll out to contributors around the world.

Best Practice for DashcamOS 2.0 Installation

The firmware update is triggered by the new app version. To have the best chance at succeeding on the first attempt:
  1. 1.
    Ensure that you upload any pending images that are on your phone. After updating the app, any Hivemapper data you had on there will be completely wiped.
  2. 2.
    Download the new version from the App/Play Store.
  3. 3.
    Open the app in the foreground for 2 minutes while connected to Wi-Fi or cell data prior to connecting to dashcam Wi-Fi.
  4. 4.
    Connect to dashcam Wi-Fi and allow the firmware to update. You will know it was successful when the dashcam reboots and the lights turn blue.
  5. 5.
    Prior to Hivemapping without the app connected, drive around with the app in the foreground for a little while to make sure data is sending correctly from the dashcam to the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the start/pause button?

  • These buttons were removed. The dashcam is completely responsible for Hivemapping now. If the software is doing its job properly then we shouldn’t collect images when you are standing still (such as in a parking lot or a garage). If our privacy software is working properly then we will be blurring faces and license plates. If you aren't comfortable Hivemapping for any reason then the best thing you can do is turn off the camera by cutting power to it.

What do the new LED lights mean?

LED lights are now Hivemapper blue.
  • Top light: Bright light = Hivemapping / Dim light = Not Hivemapping.
    • If the top light is yellow, you need to connect your Hivemapper app to the dashcam. This might happen because your dashcam storage is nearly full or you have mapping data that is getting old.
  • Middle light: Bright light = strong GNSS signal / Dim light = weak or no GNSS signal.
  • Bottom light: Power on.

Does the dashcam know when the Hivemapping hours are?

  • Yes, the dashcam will automatically start and pause Hivemapping depending on the time of day. The top light will be dimmed in off-hours.

How long can I go without needing to connect my phone to the camera?

  • The amount of time you can go without connecting the camera will largely depend on the amount of distance you cover during that amount of time. With our beta test group, we saw professional truck and rideshare drivers work an entire day without needing to connect.
  • Keep in mind that the longer you go without connecting the app, the longer it will take to download and upload those images. We also don’t want anybody to miss the reward period because they forgot to upload that week!

How can I speed up downloads from the dashcam to the phone?

  • The max amount of data the dashcam can hold is 20GB, and it could take ~1 hour to download all of those images to your phone. Here are some general tips to avoid sitting in your vehicle for long periods of time waiting for downloads to finish:
    • Keep the app in the foreground for the last part of your journey. For example, bring the app to the foreground for the last 10% of your drive.
    • Move the phone as close as possible to the dashcam and images should transfer faster.
    • Buy a wall adapter (<$10) to power your dashcam inside and continue the download process at home, work, etc.

What are these dots on the map?

  • We call this feature the “image trail,” and it shows you where your dashcam has collected images. The dots will change color once they are uploaded.
  • Image trail dots will show on the map tab for 72 hours.

Can I connect the same phone to multiple dashcams?

  • It is possible to connect the same phone to multiple cameras, although not at the same time.
  • We did not build DashcamOS 2.0 with this functionality in mind; however, many of our beta testers reported successfully connecting their phone to one dashcam, downloading images, then connecting to their other dashcam and downloading those images as well.

Are some of my images downloading and uploading in the background?

  • Yes, it is possible this is happening. We have been experimenting with new background functionality and, while it doesn’t always work, it is working sometimes.

Will the new version of the firmware work with the old version of the app?

  • No, this was a major refactor and the new version is required for both the app and firmware. New firmware (2.0) will not work with the old version of the app (5.0), and new app (6.0) will not work with old firmware (1.0).

Are there any changes to HONEY rewards with the upgrade to DashcamOS 2.0?

  • No, there are no structural changes to HONEY rewards. However, our hope is that these app/dashcam upgrades make contributors more productive Hivemappers with less effort and stress.

Why was the Hivemapper Dashcam not built like this originally?

  • The Hivemapper Dashcam was always intended to work this way, but the first iteration of the firmware was constrained by processing power limitations. CPU utilization was too high on the camera to add more responsibilities to it until we refactored the camera settings (i.e., image quality) in March/April 2023. That allowed the camera to be used much more efficiently and freed up the possibility to move the “motion model” software from the app to the dashcam. The “motion model” is the key part of the software that is responsible for determining which frames are needed and bundling them with other metadata (e.g., GNSS). In combination with reconfiguring the storage settings of the camera, this key change creates the possibility for DashcamOS 2.0 and a more stress-free Hivemapping experience.