Monitor locations with the power of the Hivemapper Network

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Scout is a tool for monitoring locations globally using fresh, geo-located imagery from the Hivemapper Network.

In the example below, construction at Taylor St. and Eddy St. in San Francisco is being monitored. This location has been mapped over twenty times, with the most recent mapping occurring 1 hour ago. Each time a location is mapped, a new collection appears.

Using Scout

Scout is available as a Hosted Service and an open-source UI Library. For support with either, please contact


Displays monitored locations in a map view. Click a location to see it in Card view.


Displays monitored locations in a paginated list. Click a location to see it in Card view.


Displays a single monitored location in a focused view. Tap the expansion arrow in the top right corner to view the highlighted image full screen.

Adding Locations

Please refer to Scout Hosted Service or Scout UI Library to learn how to add locations for monitoring.

Supported Location Types and Location Attributes

The following types of locations are supported:

  • Address

  • Point (Coordinate pair)

  • Polygon

  • MultiPolygon

The following attributes/properties are supported:

  • location: the location you want to Scout formatted as an Address, Point, Polygon or MultiPolygon

  • type: differentiates between the types of locations (Address, Point, Polygon or MultiPolygon), especially when multiple types are included in the same upload

  • name: preferred identifier for this location

  • description: additional details about this location

  • tags: labels for grouping and filtering locations

Searching and Filtering

The search box on the top right can be used to search the name, description and tags of a location and filter the view accordingly. Tags are displayed on the top left and can be used to filter views as well.

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