Upload Your Contributions

The Hivemapper Companion app uploads your contributions to the network

To Upload, First Connect Your Wallet

You don't necessarily need to connect a wallet to start mapping; however, connecting a wallet will activate your contributor profile so you can upload imagery and receive HONEY rewards. By tapping "Connect Wallet" in the app you will be prompted to connect one of two ways:

  • Link Phantom Account

  • Use Email Address

Phantom is a crypto wallet app. You can choose this option whether you already have Phantom or not. If you don't, you will be prompted to create a wallet before you connect it to the Hivemapper Companion App. Otherwise, you will be prompted to connect your existing wallet.

We've partnered with Breeze to allow contributors to connect a wallet using their email address. By choosing this option, a Breeze wallet will be created for you and connected to the Hivemapper Companion App.

Once you connected a wallet, you will be assigned a randomized three-word username like “Outgoing Goldenrod Dog” which is viewable on the app’s Settings tab.


To upload mapping data captured by the dashcam to the Hivemapper Network, a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection with the Hivemapper app is required.

  • By default, the app uses Wi-Fi to upload to the Hivemapper Network.

  • Once you finish mapping and return to a trusted Wi-Fi network (like your home or office), the app begins automatically uploading to the Hivemapper Network in the background. You can still use all the features of your mobile phone while map data uploads.

  • Uploads are typically faster when the Hivemapper app is running in the foreground and either on the live-preview or HONEY tabs.

Upload via Wi-Fi or Cellular

It’s possible to enable cellular data uploads for contributors who want to upload outside of a Wi-Fi network or as they map. Go to the “Settings” tab and toggle “allow cellular data uploads” to on. This will upload contributions via cellular data without having to wait for a Wi-Fi connection.

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