Adding a New Driver

Access Fleet Management directly or through the Hivemapper Explorer by opening the “Build the Map” option and selecting “Manage Fleet.”

When setting up your fleet, you will be asked to name it and have the option to add an organization name. This feature is designed to help you categorize and manage your fleets if you happen to be managing more than one.

Adding a Member

To add your first member, click the “+ Add a Member” button.

When adding a new member to your fleet, a pop-up will request additional information about them. For organizational purposes, you can assign a nickname to each member. You will also need to enter the member’s Solana address, which they can provide to you after they have set up their Phantom wallet.

To join your fleet, the driver must have a brand new Solana address that has never connected to Hivemapper, or else the driver will not be allowed to join your fleet.

You will then be presented a QR code, as well as a button to copy a link that you must send to the driver. The member can either scan the QR code on their phone or open the link on their device where they have Phantom installed, and then sign the request to join your fleet.

The member will need to accept your request to join your fleet within 10 minutes of starting this step.

This is what the member will see once they have opened the link you provided to them:

If they are on desktop, they can click on the “Network Explorer” button to see the Hivemapper Explorer and begin to look at the map. If they are on mobile, that button will instead say, “Get the app,” and direct them to either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

After a New Member Joins Your Fleet

Once they have joined, you will now see their account in your fleet dashboard view in the Hivemapper Explorer.

Make sure to refresh your fleet dashboard page to view newly added members.

If you are managing your fleet using a mobile device, dashcam access status and token split will be accessible by clicking the blue info (“i”) icon next to the username.

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