Token Splits

To set the token split for a fleet member's account:

  1. Go to the Fleet Management dashboard.

  2. In the right column, you’ll find the the current token split for each member.

  3. Click into the text box for the member you’d like to change, and enter the percentage youd like them to keep. You’ll see at the top of this column that this split is denoted as DRIVER / OWNER.

For example, a token split of 0 / 100 will send all earned HONEY by that fleet driver to your fleet owner's account, while a token split of 25 / 75 will send 25% of HONEY earned by that fleet driver to that member and 75% to your fleet owner's account. You can input any whole number between 0 and 100, inclusively.

This value can be edited at any time, and will be applied to the next payout period.

On the driver’s side, each member will be able to see the value set for the token split within the Hivemapper Companion app.

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