Access Control List

The Access Control List ("ACL") is a list of Solana addresses that can be granted access to contribute with any of the locked dashcams in your fleet. The main reason for locking access is to ensure a driver does not use their own account to earn HONEY rewards while using your dashcam, as well as to deter theft (as a thief would not be able to use a locked dashcam).

Creating an ACL

Within the fleet dashboard, you can select any or all members you'd like to add to your ACL. At the moment, only the fleet owner is able to modify the ACL.
Adding an ACL to a Dashcam
To add the ACL to a dashcam, you must connect a mobile phone to the dashcam you'd like to lock, while being connected to the fleet owner Hivemapper account.
Soon, any account that has been set as a manager within the fleet can do this.
After signing in to Hivemapper app, you should see that your account is designated as a "Fleet Manager". You'll then be able to toggle to lock/unlock the dashcam.
When selecting to lock the dashcam, the app will pull the ACL in its current state from the Fleet Management dashboard and write the ACL to the dashcam. This means if you were to add a new member to your fleet after this has been done, that new address WILL NOT be added to the dashcam's ACL.
You may potentially receive an error requesting for you to Refresh your connection to lock/unlock the dashcam. This happens when your connection to Phantom needs to be refreshed. To resolve this, simply press the Refresh button, and re-authenticate with Phantom to gain access to the Lock Dashcam toggle.

Modifying the ACL on a Dashcam

To modify the ACL on a dashcam, you'll first need to set the desired access for your members in the Fleet Management dashboard. To do this, simply check the boxes for the accounts you want to add.
Then connect a mobile phone to the dashcam with the fleet owner's Hivemapper account and proceed with locking the dashcam from the Settings tab of the Hivemapper app.
The ACL that is already written on the dashcam will contain the list of managers and drivers that were set on the fleet at the time when it was loaded onto the dashcam. This means that if a driver has been promoted to manager within your fleet after the ACL was loaded to the dashcam, they will not be able to modify the ACL (only those listed as managers at that point would have access).
Lastly, if you unlock and then re-lock the dashcam, the new ACL will be retrieved from the Fleet Management dashboard and loaded onto the dashcam.
Removing the ACL from a Dashcam
To remove the ACL from a dashcam, you'll need to connect the fleet owner's mobile phone to the dashcam. On the Settings tab of the Hivemapper app, toggle the "Lock Dashcam" to be in an unlocked state. This allows the dashcam to be freely useable by anyone who connects to it.
Remote locking is coming soon so fleet owners do not need to be physically present for updating the ACL on their dashcams.