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Map Consumption Rewards

More HONEY is earned for useful contributions to the Hivemapper Network.
As data from the network is consumed (such as through Hivemapper Inc.’s Map Image API), HONEY tokens are burned and redistributed to contributors as Map Consumption rewards. The net number of tokens burned will be re-minted and distributed to contributors using the Net Emissions Model.
In this way, the total amount of HONEY minted for contributors is not limited to 4 billion tokens. While the supply of HONEY is fixed at 10 billion tokens, there is no limit to the amount of HONEY tokens that will be minted for contributors over time.
As the demand for map credits (and therefore HONEY) increases, the velocity of HONEY being burned and re-minted will also increase and the value of HONEY will become tightly linked to the utility that the Hivemapper Network provides.
Map Consumption Rewards are given directly to the contributor(s) who helped supply the specific data consumed, as opposed to being influenced by global map progress.