Install Your Dashcam

Learn how to install your Hivemapper Dashcam device.
Whether you have the HDC or HDC-S, installing your Hivemapper Dashcam is quick and easy. Watch this two-minute video on mounting the dashcam in your vehicle, or continue reading below.
How to install the Hivemapper Dashcam

What’s in the Box

Included in the box for the HDC should be:
  • Hivemapper Dashcam
  • Adaptor for automobile auxiliary power outlet (also known as cigarette lighter)
  • Peel and stick mount
  • Device instruction manual
Included with your HDC are a power cord and standard mount.
You can check out alternative accessories here.

Decide Your Mount Position

There are four approved mounting positions for your dashcam. You can decide which one is the right one for you.
Approved mounting positions.
The dashcam must be mounted on a vehicle with at least four wheels to collect usable imagery. Consider clarity of view when deciding on your mount position.
A maximum of two dashcams can be mounted per vehicle: one forward-facing and one side-facing. If you decide to mount the dashcam side-facing, it must face the sidewalk and buildings (i.e., mounted on the passenger side of the vehicle).

Mount Your Dashcam

After deciding your mounting position, use the peel and stick mount included in the box to place your dashcam in the desired mounting position. The sticky adhesive can attach the mount to your windshield, window, or the vehicle’s surface.
A forward-facing, interior mount position.

Adjust Your Dashcam

For a forward-facing mount, the dashcam should be mounted in the center of the vehicle and aligned with the horizon or angled up slightly to avoid capturing your vehicle in the frame.
For a side-facing mount, the dashcam should be mounted on the side of the vehicle closest to the sidewalk and buildings (i.e., the passenger side). Again, the dashcam should be aligned with the horizon or angled up slightly to avoid capturing your vehicle in the frame.
You may need to tilt the dashcam up 10 to 15 degrees to ensure that you are capturing the environment and not your vehicle.
After successfully mounting and adjusting your dashcam, you’re ready to pair it with the Hivemapper mobile app.