4. Upload Your Contributions

The Hivemapper app uploads your contributions to the network


The Hivemapper app is designed to make uploading your contributions to the Hivemapper Network seamless. As you drive, the Hivemapper app will download mapping data from the dashcam onto your mobile device. From there, the mapping data is sent to the Hivemapper Network.
By default, uploads are set to "automatic" when Wi-Fi is available. This choice was made so contributors don't need to worry about exceeding their mobile data limits while mapping. You can change your preferences in the Settings menu to toggle on/off automatic uploads or on/off uploads via cellular data.
The Hivemapper Network does not accept stale map data, so make sure your map imagery is uploaded within three days of capturing it.

Automatic Wi-Fi Uploads

This is the default state for uploads to the Hivemapper Network. Once you finish mapping and return to a trusted Wi-Fi network (like your home or office), the app begins uploading to the Hivemapper Network in the background. You can still use all the features of your mobile phone while map data uploads.
If needed, you can pause an in-progress upload by navigating to the "Activity" section of the app and pressing "Pause Upload."
Uploads are typically faster when the Hivemapper app is running in the foreground.

Enable Cellular Data Uploads

It's possible to enable cellular data uploads for contributors who want to upload outside of a Wi-Fi network or as they map. Go to the "Settings" tab, tap "Dashcam settings" and then tap the "Dashcam data upload" menu. From there, you can "allow app to use cellular data" and future contributions will be uploaded via cellular data without having to wait for a WiFi connection.
Alternatively, if you already have collected map imagery that's waiting to upload, you can enable cellular uploads from the "Activities" screen when prompted.
Enabling cellular data uploads is not recommended for contributors with limited cellular data plans.

Viewing Your Contributions

It takes some time for contributions to be processed on the Hivemapper Network and you won't immediately be able to identify any of your contributions on the map. In part, this is to ensure the network only takes imagery that is usable.
Furthermore, you won't immediately receive HONEY after you upload. Rewards are received on a weekly basis to allow for the calculation of other factors.