Map Image API

Fresh, geolocated street-level imagery from around the globe

The Map Image API is the Hivemapper Network’s first API enabling individuals and organizations to use images from the decentralized map. Anyone who wants to review imagery from areas that have been mapped must purchase map credits to access the Map Image API.

Map Image API Developer Docs and Tools

  • Developer documentation for Map Data APIs can be accessed here.

  • Hive-Py is a Python wrapper for the Map Image API, see GitHub here.

  • You will need an API Key, see here for instructions.

Sample Map Image API data

Before using the API, you can quickly evaluate some sample imagery that was collected via front-facing and side-facing Hivemapper Dashcams.

Purchasing Map Image API Credits

You can purchase Map Credits via self-serve Console to use the Map Image API.

Currently, Hivemapper Inc. supports the Hivemapper Foundation with this effort. Contact Hivemapper Inc. if you are interested in building your own API services on top of the Hivemapper Network.

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