A global, decentralized mapping network for everyone
Billions of people around the world use maps each day. Maps are an essential part of the world’s technology infrastructure and are used by companies across industries like logistics, insurance, real estate, utilities, and government. Hivemapper Inc. estimates the market for maps is $300B when taking into account mapping APIs, GIS, geo analytics, and data collection services.
The Hivemapper Network is an open, global and decentralized mapping network built by contributors with dashcams. The high-quality, street-level imagery contributors collect while they drive is used to create a map of the world. Contributors also help by playing AI Trainer games to edit the map and improve machine learning models. Innovative businesses and organizations can access map imagery and location data via Hivemapper Inc.'s Map Image API.
People contribute in multiple ways to the Hivemapper Network and, in exchange, are rewarded with HONEY, Hivemapper’s token. This model allows the economic benefits of the global mapping network to be shared with the people who build the map.
Hivemapper is designed from the ground up to be:
  • Decentralized - decentralization decouples data collection from data consumption and helps the Hivemapper Network remain fair and open. In addition to the community, the Hivemapper Foundation will help maintain the decentralized mapping network and underlying open mapping technologies.
  • Permissionless - Anybody, anywhere can contribute to the Hivemapper Network or consume data from it. You do not need permission to do so.
  • Rewards-based - Contributors to the global map share in the economic benefits of it through HONEY, Hivemapper’s token.
This project documentation offers the necessary resources to learn more about the Hivemapper Network. The goal is to help contributors and customers understand how to add value to the mapping network, earn rewards, and consume Hivemapper's mapping data. If you can't find what you need, please reach out to us in our Discord community or send us an email at [email protected].
Thank you for being part of the Hivemapper Network.
Happy Hivemapping!