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Open Dashcam

The dashcam made for mapping on the Hivemapper Network.

About the Open Dashcam

The Open Dashcam (“ODC”) initiative includes the hardware and software required for all supported dashcams to operate on the decentralized mapping network. ODC refers to a stack of technology that includes:
  1. 1.
    ODC Hardware
  2. 2.
    ODC Firmware
  3. 3.
    ODC API Software

Why is the ODC initiative important to the Hivemapper Network?

  • Other manufacturers are able to incorporate support for mapping within their own dashcam.
  • Hardware partners can create, market, and sell unique dashcam devices for specific use cases and markets.
  • The community is enabled to verify that the ODC software is only collecting information it needs for mapping and nothing nefarious.
  • The community can enhance features, fix bugs, and generally contribute to the project.

ODC Hardware

Hivemapper Inc. built the original ODC-compliant devices, the Hivemapper Dashcam and the Hivemapper Dashcam S, but hardware manufacturers are encouraged to build their own versions. The community hopes others will build versions optimized for different markets in the world.