How the Hivemapper Network protect the privacy of contributors
The Hivemapper Network is designed to protect the privacy of its contributors. Hivemapper removes all PII (personally identifiable information) across user accounts, dashboards, the Hivemapper app, and the Hivemapper Dashcam. Here’s how the Hivemapper Network keeps its contributors anonymous:

Anonymous Usernames

Hivemapper generates three-word usernames to protect the identity of its contributors. Hivemaper asks its contributors not to share their usernames anywhere to stay anonymous. This way, nobody knows who provided map coverage for a given location other than it was uploaded by a contributor with an anonymous username like “Pumping Grey Shoveler.”

Encrypted GPS Data

The Hivemapper Dashcam and other Open Dashcam compliant devices encrypt GPS data. GPS data remains encrypted as it travels to the Hivemapper Mapping Network.

License Plates and Faces

Hivemapper uses computer vision algorithms to blur out license plates and faces to keep its contributors anonymous. For example, here are a couple images Hivemapper contributors uploaded:
Hivemapper’s computer vision algorithms blur out license plates. A Hivemapper contributor uploaded this image.
Hivemapper’s computer vision algorithms blur out faces. A Hivemapper contributor uploaded this image.

Displaying Location Data

Hivemapper does not attach PII (personally identifiable information) processed data for consumption. This means that there is no way for anyone to see that the user “Pumping Grey Shoveler” contributed at a precise location, except for “Pumping Grey Shoveler.”

Original Imagery

Hivemapper automatically deletes original imagery after processing it into the Hivemapper decentralized global map. If a contributor accidentally records something, the original data is deleted. It's not possible to delete derived map data from the network.

File Names

Hivemapper changes original imagery filenames to remove any personally identifiable data.

Blockchain Encryption

Blockchain technology facilitates a new level of encryption, privacy, and anonymity. The Hivemapper Network is built on the Solana blockchain.

No Personal Information Required

The Hivemapper Network will never ask its contributors to share personal information such as passwords, phone numbers, credit card numbers, or home addresses.


Unlike other systems that collect user data without users knowing about it, the Hivemapper Network is transparent about the data contributors are collecting.