Buy a Dashcam

Get started with an Open Dashcam device.
One of the primary ways to contribute to the Hivemapper Network is to collect quality imagery as you drive. These contributions help increase coverage and freshness for the map tiles in the decentralized mapping network. To contribute and earn HONEY, you need a compliant Open Dashcam (“ODC”) device and a supported vehicle.
  • Currently supported devices include the Hivemapper Dashcam and the Hivemapper Dashcam S.
  • Only vehicles with at least four wheels are stable enough to produce consistently high-quality images.

Dashcams for Purchase

Below are the Open Dashcams currently available for purchase.

Dashcams From Hivemapper Inc.

  • The Hivemapper Dashcam (“HDC”) is available for purchase directly from Hivemapper here.
  • The Hivemapper Dashcam S (“HDC-S”) is available for purchase here. This model provides additional functionality that may be useful for some contributors.
  • Hivemapper Inc. has partnerships with resellers around the world to deliver a quick and convenient buying experience. To ensure that you are buying from a legitimate reseller, please check this list of authorized resellers.

Dashcams From Other Manufacturers

Additional dashcams will be manufactured by other companies in the future. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in building an ODC-compliant device.