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Train Map AI

Become an AI Trainer to Contribute to the Hivemapper Network and earn HONEY rewards

Overview of Map AI

Hivemapper is building an AI mapmaking engine that produces fresh, high-quality map data. It begins with dashcams collecting images but that's far from where it ends. Map AI, together with human AI Trainers, work together to turn images into valuable map data customers need.
Our Map AI automatically detects objects, such as speed limit signs, stop signs and traffic signals, and positions them on the map. The community of human AI Trainers use AI Trainer games to help the AI do a better job of identifying objects and placing them in the physical world.
Check out this blog series to learn more about Map AI:
Today, the Map AI pipeline is automatically generating detailed road features and AI Trainers are playing an integral role in the process. Trainers help strengthen the Hivemapper Network's understanding of the world and create value for map data customers.

AI Trainers

The people helping to improve Map AI are known as AI Trainers in the Hivemapper community. Anybody with an internet connection can participate as an AI Trainer without requiring permission or any formal training.
Our AI Trainer community primarily consists of the following types of people:
  • Microtaskers: people who perform tasks for Amazon Mechanical Turk or Remotasks may find similarities in the work required for AI Training. These Trainers often play the trainer games accurately and proficiently for long stretches of time in order to maximize their rewards.
  • Dashcam contributors: people who primarily contribute and earn rewards by collecting images often squeeze AI Training into free moments throughout their day to help the network succeed.
  • Casual gamers and map enthusiasts: people who enjoy games such as GeoGuessr and people who just love maps often find Hivemapper's trainer games to be a fun way to build a new type of map. It doesn't hurt they also earn HONEY rewards!

Get Started as an AI Trainer

  1. 1.
    Visit Hivemapper AI Trainers from any desktop or mobile device. The Chrome browser typically works best.
  2. 2.
    Press the "Connect Wallet" button; this is required to earn rewards. If you are on a mobile device, press the menu icon first and then the Connect Wallet button.
  3. 3.
    Sign up (or sign in) using Phantom or your email address.
  4. 4.
    You will see a randomly-generated anonymous username instead of the Connect Wallet button after you log in. Hover (desktop) or tap (mobile) on "Build the Map" in the navigation menu and select Train Map AI. Alternatively, head directly to

Play the AI Trainer Games

Hivemapper has broken AI Training into many different "games" to make it a more manageable job for the community. Each game focuses on a different object class such as speed signs, stop signs or traffic signals. Over time, new object classes will be added and the type of training those objects require will vary. In particular, training requirements will shift depending on the maturity of Map AI's understanding of different objects in different parts of the world and the type of information map data customers require.
There are a few types of games:
Type of Game
Skill Level
Identify / Mosaics
Select objects meeting certain criteria
Validate Map AI's object detections are correct
Beginner to Intermediate
Stop Sign, Traffic Light, No Turns 1
Match (or write in) the best-fitting description for an object
Validate (or add to) the attributes assigned by Map AI to objects
Beginner to Intermediate
Speed Limit, No Turns 2, Highway Exit Info
Confirm or update the positioning of an object
Validate (or adjust) Map AI's understanding of an object's position
Intermediate to Advanced
Position, Azimuth
Confirm two (or more) objects are the same thing
Help Map AI understand when the same object has been sighted again
Beginner to Intermediate
Image Review
Determine whether images meet certain criteria
Help Map AI detect poor dashcam mounts and imagery
Dashcam Tilt
Confirm or void objects
Validate the objects Map AI flags as having potential issues

AI Trainer Reputation

Access to certain games is restricted to Hivemapper's most trusted reviewers. To determine trust, Hivemapper uses a "Reputation Score" and assigns one to each AI Trainer. Reputation is updated as Trainers play games over time. Good reputations are hard to build and easy to lose.
Reputations and the specific mechanics behind their calculations are not currently public. It is in the interest of the Hivemapper Network, and well-intentioned AI Trainers, to quickly eliminate bad actors who pollute our map data by trying to spam games for rewards. Hivemapper has no tolerance for Trainers acting in bad faith and will aggressively protect the network against them.
Please contact support if you feel your AI Trainer reputation may be incorrectly preventing you from playing certain trainer games.

Earning Rewards

AI Trainers who maintain a good reputation earn HONEY rewards for their valuable contributions towards building our map. Rewards are calculated per review and the exact amount of HONEY depends on the complexity and time required for each trainer game played. See below for the current AI Trainer rewards structure and read this blog post for additional details. AI Trainer reward amounts are subject to change in the future and rewards are not guaranteed for Trainers who can't maintain a sufficient reputation.
Rewards are calculated and distributed once per week. Calculations are typically completed by the end of Wednesday (PST) for reviews completed the prior week (Monday through Sunday), with HONEY rewards distributed no later than Thursday. Rewards are deposited directly to your account and can be accessed via Phantom or Breeze, depending on how you signed up.

Need Help?

We have a vibrant, active community of AI Trainers helping each other with tips, tricks and troubleshooting advice on Discord. Participating in our Discord community is the best way to connect with other AI Trainers, get help, stay up to date on product announcements and provide your feedback to the Hivemapper team.
For questions which can't be answered by the community, please contact us at [email protected] and our support team will be happy to assist you.