Start Driving and Mapping

You’re in the driver’s seat. Now what?

How long does it take for the dashcam to start mapping?

  • Once the dashcam has power from your vehicle, it will automatically start mapping.

  • May take about 60 seconds for the lights on the dashcam to turn on once your car is turned on.

  • It may take a minute for the dashcam to get a GPS lock. If you are in a location with clear lines of sight to the sky and you still don’t have a GPS lock, make sure the dashcam isn’t next to anything that could interfere with the GPS signal.

When can I map my drives?

  • Drive like you normally do; simply keep the dashcam mounted properly.

  • The dashcam automatically stops mapping when it’s no longer day time.

  • If it’s raining or snowing, focus on the road and the dashcam will take care of the rest.

Does my phone need to be paired to the dashcam to map?

  • No, your phone does not even need to be in the vehicle your dashcam is mapping.

  • When your phone is in the car, use it for whatever you want - calls, music, podcasts, etc.

  • The Hivemapper Dashcam can map disconnected from your phone for 8-10 hours of driving.

When should I connect my phone to the dashcam?

  • You must connect to the dashcam to offload map imagery to the Hivemapper App.

  • Some professional drivers do this everyday, more casual drivers connect every few days to offload map imagery to their phone.

  • When your app is connected to the dashcam it will automatically download map imagery from the dashcam (left column) to your phone (middle column) as shown in the example below.

If your dashcam isn’t turning on or functioning properly after you have followed the above steps and given it time to update, contact us at and we would be happy to help.

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