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So you want to contribute to the software and docs that power the Hivemapper Network. The Hivemapper Network is being designed and built as an open source project. Here is a quick listing of things we need help with. Even if what you want to do is not listed here, we probably accept contributions for it. If you're unsure, please drop us an email at [email protected]


Project Description
Studio flight path generation can be improved to include additional data sources such as:
  • Wind conditions
  • Air traffic restrictions
  • Building heights
React, APIs, Python
Studio relies on the Litchi app to interface with DJI drones in order to execute the flight path. While it is a wonderful app it's also includes many unnecessary features for the network's use case. Building a replacement app for the network is an important and well contained project to tackle.
React Native, DJI SDK
Mobile App
Add the Coverage Map to the Hivemapper Contributor App so contributors can see the overall coverage and the coverage they are generating as they map.
React Native
Improve privacy features of street level imagery by improving the algorithms that mask people's faces and license plates.
Computer Vision, ML
The documentation and guides are an essential part of this project for contributors and users of the global map. If your passion is writing there is plenty to do in order to expand and improve the documentation and guides.
Labeling interface
The first phase of Hivemapper is focused on developing the collection tools and scaling the mapping network which is what you see today.
The second phase of Hivemapper will enable contributors to assist in labeling the derived data (building name, park name, loading docks, etc.) to create even more valuable map data. The labeling interface is a key piece to enabling this second phase.
React, APIs
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