Dashcam Mount

Learn how to train AI to grade the quality of a dashcam mount

Well-mounted dashcams are critical for the Hivemapper community to generate high-quality map data. Based on input from a decentralized community of AI Trainers, contributors with better mounts receive a better reputation score, resulting in better rewards. Contributors with poor-quality mounts receive worse rewards, and in extreme cases, receive no rewards at all.

In this game, you must answer only one question: did the driver mount their dashcam correctly?

You have three choices:

  1. “Good” for a well mounted dashcam

  2. “Bad” for a poorly mounted dashcam

  3. “Not sure” if you don’t know how to answer

Please remember: you are only grading the mount. You are not grading the quality of the image or the weather. You should select “good” as long as the dashcam is mounted correctly, even if the windshield is covered in rain or the road features are difficult to see due to glare from the sun.

You are never penalized (or rewarded) for selecting “not sure.” Do not hesitate to use it, and help ensure that contributors are graded fairly for the quality of their mount.

What makes a mount good?

  • It is installed in an approved position

  • It has good clarity of view, with the horizon roughly in the center of the image

  • No mirrors or objects on the dashboard are impeding the view of the road

Let’s take a look at some examples of good mount imagery:

Good Mount Examples

See more examples of good and bad mounts here.

What makes a mount bad?

An incorrectly tilted dashcam is the most common reason for a bad mount.

As a rule of thumb, if more than 25% of the image is dashboard or hood, the dashcam is tilted too far down. If more than 75% of the image is above the horizon, the dashcam is tilted too far up.

  • Dashcam tilted too far up (too much sky)

  • Dashcam tilted too far down (too much hood/dashboard)

  • Dashcam tilted to the side, rather than straight out the windshield or side window

  • Dashcam is rotated off center, causing the horizon to be far from horizontal

  • Windshield is heavily cracked, impeding view

  • A large object on the dashboard is impeding the view

  • The rear-view mirror or side mirror is impeding the view

  • The dashcam is clearly mounted on driver rather than passenger side

What doesn't make a mount bad?

Do not select “bad” for an image just because one of the following is true. The mount may be bad for other reasons, but these alone are not enough to grade a mount as bad.

  • Reflections on the windshield

  • Rain or snow on the windshield

  • Windshield wiper in motion

  • Light dirt or dust on the windshield

  • Glare from the sun

  • Motion blur

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