Contribute with Dashcam
Grow and update the global map with a dashcam

1. Pre-order the Hivemapper Dashcam

  • The first approved dashcam for the mapping network is the Hivemapper Dashcam that you can pre-order here.
  • The Hivemapper Dashcam is built on the open-source Open Dashcam specifications, and hardware manufacturers will build their own dashcam versions.
  • Why is Hivemapper building it's own dashcam when there are already plenty of dashcams on the market? See here for the answer to this important question.

2. Mount the Dashcam

There are four approved mount positions for the dashcam:
  • The side facing dashcam must be facing the sidewalk and buildings.
  • You can operate up to two dashcams on the same vehicle.
  • You cannot mount the dashcam on a motorcycle, bike, or scooter. It must be mounted on a vehicle with four wheels.

3. Install Hivemapper Contributor App

The Hivemapper Contributor App for iOS and Android pairs to the dashcam. The app and the dashcam work together to collect data for the map.
  • Dashcam to App Data Transfer:
    • The dashcam pairs to the Contributor App to transfer the imagery and location data from the dashcam to your iPhone / Android device.
  • App to Mapping Network Data Transfer:
    • Once your iPhone / Android device is connected to a stable WiFi network, it will begin transferring the data from your device to the mapping network for processing.
  • The app runs in the background while you drive, and uses about as much cell data as your typical GPS navigation app.
The app does not transfer collected imagery and location data via cellular networks. Instead it uses WiFi.

4. Just Drive

The dashcam and app are designed to collect data passively, and while there are things you can do to optimize your collection, we encourage contributors to simply drive as they normally do.
If you are curious to learn more about the various mechanics used to build a map that incentivizes coverage, freshness, and quality please read this document.

5. HONEY Rewards

When the Hivemapper crypto mapping network launches this summer you’ll mine our cryptocurrency HONEY tokens when map tiles generate coverage from the imagery your dashcam collected. You can you learn more about how HONEY works here.