2 - Plan flight

Generate automated flight paths for your drone

1⃣ Create account

2⃣ Open Studio

This will walk you through the process of using Studio to create an automated flight path to map a set of tiles.

3⃣ Select tiles to Map

Each available tile in Studio represents an opportunity to map and earn a reward.

  • Select a tile

  • Click Generate Flight Path

Currently, one tile is about one battery.

4⃣ Customize launch point (optional)

  • Set a safe and open location to launch your drone from by moving the green pin.

  • Click Launch from here, and it will create a custom flight path for you.

When mapping in hilly terrain always set the launch point at the lowest possible location

5⃣ Open flight path in Litchi and save to your account

  1. In Hivemapper Studio click Open in Litchi

  2. In Litchi click Missions (be sure you are logged in to Litchi)

  3. In Litchi click Save

  4. In Litchi name your mission

  5. In Litchi click Save

This mission is now available to you in the Litchi app for Android and iOS. The Litchi app connects to your drone so you can automatically execute the flight path. Let's go fly.

6⃣ Download the Litchi app

Before you head out, download the Litchi mobile app: